Run Predict - The Performance Calculator for Runners

Used by runners all around the World

Run Smarter - Perform Better


For runners of all ages and abilities - All you could ever want to know about you running performance: 


•    Age Graded Percentage - how your run compares against the world best time for your age & gender
•    Age Graded Time - your running time adjusted to what it will be or would have been during your prime running years
•    Age Graded Class - Personal Classes 1-5, Local Class, Regional Class, National Class, World Class or World Record, see what class level you are running at for your age & gender


•    Pace & Speed - in both miles and kilometres
•    VO2 Max - your maximum rate of oxygen consumption, a good indication of your aerobic fitness and your endurance levels
•    Calories - how many calories you burned during your run


•    Predicted Running Times - based on your performance, what your time would be for 32 different distances from 100m right up to 200km
•    Age Graded Equivalent Times - the time that someone else of a different age and/or gender, but with an equal performance, would run the same distance as you

•    Age Graded Class Target Times - the minimum running times required for you to achieve each of the different Age Graded Class levels for your chosen distance


Run Predict will evaluate your running performance, allow you to compare yourself with other runners regardless of their age and gender, predict your running times for 32 different distances, give you target times to aim for and so much more - Perfect for motivation, training and improving your running



Easy to use:
•    Just enter your age, gender and weight
•    Then enter the distance and running time of any run
•    Both Metric and Imperial units
•    No need to carry it with you whilst you are running


Use for any type of run:
•    Outdoor running
•    Treadmill running
•    Any distance from 100m right up to 200km


For all ages and abilities:

•    From beginners to elite runners
•    From walking pace to world record pace
•    For all ages, from 5 years old up to 100 years old


Share your results:
•    You can share any of your results to a number of different media


Save your results:
•    You can save all your best performances to the App to view and compare them at any time



So many uses, here are just a few:

•    A great source of motivation for you to improve your running performance

•    An invaluable training aid for your running

•    Calculate your pace and speed for any distance
•    See your predicted times for 32 different distances
•    Compare your own performances with those of any other runner regardless of their age and gender
•    Compare your current running performances with those from when you were younger

•    See how well you are likely to perform as you get older 
•    Find out what level you are running at for your age and gender: Personal Classes 1-5, Local Class, Regional Class, National Class, World Class or World Record
•    Set yourself realistic target times for new distances
•    Help prepare yourself for races
•    Predict your race results
•    Identify the distances where you need more training

•    Find out which distance you perform best at
•    Find out if your natural running bias is towards speed or endurance
•    See whether you have actually outperformed someone of a different age and/or gender even if your time was slower
•    Work out fairer results for mixed age and/or mixed gender races by using Age Grading
•    See just how good the world's best runners really are!

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