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What is Age Grading?



Run Predict shows you your Age Graded Percentage, Time & Class

So what exactly is Age Grading?



Age Grading provides very valuable information for any runner and has many uses:


  • It will let any runner know how well they are performing regardless of their age or gender.
  • It allows runners to compare their own performances with those of other runners of different ages and/or gender.
  • It also allows runners to compare their current performances with those from when they were younger.
  • There are many other things a runner can do by using Age Grading and these are explained within the app.


Age Grading is calculated by using a time for the distance you have run, which is approximately equal to the world record for your gender, and then by adjusting this time accordingly to take into account your age, giving you a 'Standard Time' for the distance for your age and gender.


This 'Standard Time' is the theoretical world best time for the distance you have run for a person of your age and gender.



Age Graded Percentage

Your Age Graded Percentage is the percentage of the 'Standard Time' that you have achieved. 100% would be an approximate world record for your age and gender.


Age Graded Time

Your Age Graded Time is worked out by adjusting your running time to what it would have been or will be, theoretically, during your prime running years.

If you are younger or older than your prime running years, then your Age Graded Time will be less than (better than) your actual time but if you are still within your prime running years, this time will be equal to your actual time.

Prime running years vary between genders and distances but in general it is someone in their 20's.


Age Graded Class

Your Age Graded Class is based on your Age Graded Percentage.


The class you achieve indicates at what level your performance is for your age and gender and is worked out as follows:


100% and over = Approximate world record

90% to 99.99% = World Class

80% to 89.99% = National Class

70% to 79.99% = Regional Class

60% to 69.99% = Local Class

55% to 59.99% = Personal Class 1

50% to 54.99% = Personal Class 2

45% to 49.99% = Personal Class 3

40% to 44.99% = Personal Class 4

Under 40% = Personal Class 5



The Age Grading calculations in Run Predict are based on tables originally created by the World Master Athletics (WMA) but have been updated to take into account newer world record times.


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