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Equivalent Running Times


Run Predict will show you equivalent running times for your run



Age Graded equivalent running times

An Age Graded Equivalent time is the time that someone else of a different age and/or gender, but with an equal performance, would run the same distance as you.


It is calculated by using the 'Age Graded Percentage' result for your run and then calculating equivalent performances for all ages from 5 up to 100 years old and for both genders.



How can I use these results?

The results allow you to compare your running performance with anybody else's regardless of their age or gender.


They also allow you to compare your current performance with your past performances or to predict your future performances.

The screenshot below shows some of the equivalent running times for a 53 year old male who has run 10K in 41:22

Run Predict shows equivalent results for both male and female for all ages from 5 years old up to 100 years old.

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