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Predicted Running Times


Run Predict will predict your running times for 32 different distances



Age Graded Running time predictions

Run Predict will predict your running time for 32 different distances from 100 metres right up to 200 kilometres.

All you need to do is enter the details of any run that you have completed.

Run Predict will then calculate your Age Graded Percentage for that run and apply it to the 32 different distances.

The predicted times are based on the assumption that you will achieve the same Age Graded Percentage result for each of the distances.

It is assumed that the appropriate training has been done for the distance that is being predicted.



How can I use these results?

The predicted times are very useful for predicting race results.

They are also useful for setting yourself target times for new distances and identifying distances where you need more training.

You will also discover if your natural running bias is towards speed or endurance.

What are the 32 distances that are predicted? 


100 m 3 km 5 mile 30 km
200 m 2 mile 10 km Marathon
400 m 4 km 12 km 50 km
800 m 3 mile 15 km 50 mile
1 km 5 km 10 mile 100 km
1.5 km 6 km 20 km 150 km
1 mile 4 mile Half Marathon 100 mile
2 km 8  km 25 km 200 km

The screenshot below shows some of the predicted running times for a person who has run 10K in 41:22

Run Predict shows you predicted running times for all of the 32 distances shown above.

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