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Excellent! by JP Souza   ★★★★★

Gave me what I needed without complication.



Run Predict by Calwi7   ★★★★

Super easy to use. Very informative. Love it!



Great running app by dianehood   ★★★★

Very easy to use app, after entering your personal info, just put in your distance & time & the app will calculate the rest, can show you predicted times for other distances and where you place among your age & other ages. Highly recommend.








Excellent by Cyberpilote   ★★★★  

Been using for a few months and it's the perfect app to have to help motivate your runs and compare to average. Great to help improve your runs with so much information on your run. For the novice or professional, a must have and well worth the money.



Great App to prepare for races by Limablu2   ★★★★

Lots packed in this App : VO2 Max calculator, age grading, it even determines your caliber (class), etc. but what I like best is the run time prediction for all imaginable run distances. Will use that tool to establish pace for upcoming races.



Fun and Accurate by carab63   ★★★★

I found the app very easy to use. It provides a wealth of information including VO2 max estimates. It also provided a very accurate finish time for my 10 km based on a 5km time I entered.





Great Britain


Fantastic app for runners by Maco1056   ★★★★

I have been using this app now for some time and I love everything about it, so much information about my running in one place! It is very accurate at predicting my running times and has provided me with the motivation I need to do better. I can honestly say that my running times have improved because of it!



Superb app for runners of all ages by Lochlands   ★★★★

Great uncluttered design with all the information quickly and easily accessible. I've found it an invaluable aid to my training. Highly recommended.



Great runners app by Spoggy225   ★★★★

Love this little app. Full of stats. As well as usual runners info it tells me predicted times over other distances. My fave feature is telling me my age related grade so I can tell if I'm running better than my younger slightly quicker friends friends. Also I can share my runs on social media. This app knows what a runner wants to know.



Brilliant app! by Escherflight   ★★★★

I Iove this app; it tells you exactly how well you're performing, in competition with yourself and others, which I find very motivating. It's easy to use and very easy to share your achievements with your friends. The app gives me so much info about my run; I really feel it will help me improve my running & I will enjoy using it.



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