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Target Running Times


Run Predict will show you Age Graded Class target times



Age Graded Class target running times

Age Graded Class target times are the minimum running times required for you to achieve the different Age Graded Classes for your chosen distance.


Age Graded Classes are based on your Age Graded Percentages.


Different Classes indicate different performance levels for your age and gender and are worked out as follows:


100% and over = Approximate world record

90% to 99.99% = World Class

80% to 89.99% = National Class

70% to 79.99% = Regional Class

60% to 69.99% = Local Class

55% to 59.99% = Personal Class 1

50% to 54.99% = Personal Class 2

45% to 49.99% = Personal Class 3

40% to 45.99% = Personal Class 4

Under 40% = Personal Class 5



How can I use these results?

The target times will show you how close you are to reaching the next class level for your run and can be a great motivator for you to achieve this.

The screenshot below shows the Age Graded Class target running times for 10K for a 53 year old male

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